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Who We Are

Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Cloud Shift Inc. harnesses the rapidly changing technology landscape to energize business transformation and simplify the potential of cloud computing for clients. With a combined 50 years of experience implementing and managing large multinational transformation projects, Cloud Shift brings a wealth of expertise in technology selection and implementation, cloud adoption and migration and facilitating organizational transformation in the IM/IT domain. Launched in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and with partner presence in Toronto, Ontario,  Cloud Shift  shapes its client-centric solutions by capitalizing on its ability to customize and design brand-agnostic approaches, as well as leverage its cloud computing and business affiliation with  companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Oracle. Traditional business delivery has radically changed from large investment-based capital-expenditure (CAPEX) projects to on-demand operational-expenditure (OPEX) models. To facilitate this transition and provide consistent, repeatable successful approaches to its clients, Cloud Shift has developed a proven set of discrete and hybrid solutions that will accelerate your migration to cloud, mitigate risk and exposure, and ensure successful delivery of your project and business transformation initiatives.

Our Team


Derrick Poon Young is a cosmopolitan whose twenty-four years of corporate executive experience, including twelve years in an international business career, gives him a particular grasp of the value of market diversity and the power of strategic collaboration across business cultures. As co-founder, he brings substantive, diverse acumen in corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, business transformation, cloud computing, system integration and IT project and portfolio management. His enterprising business skills, experience and dynamic leadership have built and enabled organizational capacity and improved business performance for a variety of federal departments and private-sector companies and organizations in North America, Europe, Asia, South America and North Africa. Mr. Poon Young is a graduate of Boston University and the University of Western Ontario with degrees in Communications and Political Science and International Political Economy. He has lectured at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia and the University of Western Ontario in International Relations, Political Economy and International Law. Acknowledged for his community volunteerism, he donates time to several grassroots organizations which focus on youth and community development through sport by sharing his personal development experience as a former nationally ranked athlete across three athletic disciplines in Trinidad and Tobago and Canada.

Derrick Poon Young

Chairman and CEO


Jason Matte

Chief Technology Officer

Faiz Shaikh

Chief Cloud Architect and Azure Lead


Faiz Shaikh is an IT professional whose twenty-one years of technology experience, including technical, business and management skills. As a technical strategist he brings experience in public and private cloud computing , system integration, project management with a security driven mindset. Faiz brings experience working in multi-national corporations, various levels of government and national service providers, enabling and combining experiences from designing, integrating, supporting, managing projects and building teams to bring successful initiatives to fruition.


Chief Cloud Architect and Azure Lead


Steven Woodward of Cloud Perspectives is an international industry driver and thought leader in business architectures, cloud computing planning, costing, culture change, metrics, roadmaps and governance. Steven provides value-focused, advisory, analysis, audit, development and test services for providers and consumers of ICT services to manage risks and save money. He has been instrumental driving and maturing cloud computing standard practices since 2009, helping define and establish cloud foundations with NIST, TM Forum, ITU-T, IEEE, IIBA, itSMF, ISACA, OMG, Cloud Security Alliance and the Canadian Cloud Council.

In 2020 Steven is convenor of ISO SC38 AG 4 “Cloud Service Connectivity” and is co-editor of ISO SC 7 work on Agile DevOps foundational standards.  Steven is also a member of Standards Council of Canada – GDPR committee and was a contributing member to the Canadian CIOSC AI Ethics foundational standards.  Cloud Perspectives and Steve have established an extensive partner and professional network across cloud providers and governments.  By considering experiences of others, reusing proven standards, processes and tools, Cloud Perspectives helps customers effectively execute using the right services at the right time, securely and transparently.


Training and presentations includes: Brazil, Hawaii, N. Cyprus, Australia, Washington, Vancouver, Rome, Vienna, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Nice, Montreal.  Steven is frequently on assignment with the Government of Canada helping establish, secure and deploy effective cloud computing strategies for multiple agencies. 

Steven Woodward CCSK, CSQA, CFPS

Faiz Shaikh

Chief Technology Officer

Executive Thought Leader- Cloud Computing and Senior  International Standards Compliance Advisor

Delivering cutting edge cloud adoption strategies and cloud computing platform technology and services to transform your business

We at Cloud Shift know that finding the right firm to facilitate cloud adoption at your organization is not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

Cloud Shift is a boutique Cloud and Enterprise Architecture firm that provides strategic advice to some of the most innovative and creative organizations in government, telecommunications, digital media, and technology.

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